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         Meet Erik         

Hi, I am Erik Skogquist and my wife and I grew up in Anoka, invested in Anoka and are here to stay.


Erik Skogquist with Everett and Amanda Skogquist holding Oliver

Growing Up in Anoka

My wife and I have lived in Anoka our whole lives which has shaped who we are. After I earned Political Science and Urban Studies degrees from the University of Minnesota, I decided Anoka was where I wanted to spend my life and raise a family.

In 2014, my wife and I jumped at the chance to save an historic 1887 home from demolition. We had it moved and have spent a few years restoring it and raising our growing family there.

Staying in Anoka

Giving Back to Anoka

Amanda and I are active volunteers at Lincoln Elementary, our Anoka Church, Cub Scouts, and lots of civic and kid activities.

Erik and his son Everett in the Anoka Nature Preserve on a sunny fall day.

Embracing Our Past with a Vision for Tomorrow...

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