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         Meet Erik         

Hi, I am Erik Skogquist and my wife and I grew up in Anoka, invested in Anoka and are here to stay.


Erik Skogquist with Everett and Amanda Skogquist holding Oliver

Growing Up in Anoka

My wife and I have lived in Anoka our whole lives which has shaped who we are. After I earned Political Science and Urban Studies degrees from the University of Minnesota, I decided Anoka was where I wanted to spend my life and raise a family.

In 2014, my wife and I jumped at the chance to save an historic 1887 home from demolition. We had it moved and have spent the past 10 years restoring it and raising our family there.

Staying in Anoka

Giving Back to Anoka

Amanda and I are active volunteers at Lincoln Elementary, our Anoka Church, Cub Scouts, and lots of civic and kid activities.

Erik and his son Everett in the Anoka Nature Preserve on a sunny fall day.

Embracing Our Past with a Vision for Tomorrow...

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