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   Vision & Priorities   

We all want the same thing, a safe and vibrant city that is open to its citizens and uses it resources wisely.

Jackson street entertainment district midday

Vibrant Downtown

Strong and Safe Neighborhoods

People want to be near fun and interesting things and when downtown Anoka is thriving, people bring their energy, families and money into our city.

Protecting the character and cohesiveness of our neighborhoods is important. This means addressing problems when they arise while respecting what makes each neighborhood unique.

Well Maintained Parks, Trails, and Roads

We can be proud of our great parks, trails and roadways. However, we need to make sure they are maintained just like we would hope everyone maintains their own yards and homes. Prioritizing maintenance as much as new improvements will insure their excellence for years to come. 

Trails along a wooded stretch of the Rum River

Restored Cottage #2, now a home for our veterans at the former Anoka State Hospital

Natural and Historic Preservation

The city should be a leader in the preservation of our natural and historic resources. These are the things that make Anoka unique.

Wise Use of Resources

Reinvesting in any older city is important, and in order to keep our downtown, neighborhoods, parks and infrastructure strong, we need to make sure we invest taxpayer resources wisely.

Embracing Our Past with a Vision for Tomorrow...

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