Meet Erik

Hi, I am Erik Skogquist and my wife and I grew up in Anoka, invested in Anoka and are here to stay.

Growing Up in Anoka

As a boy, I attended scouts through Zion Lutheran Church, and attained the rank of Eagle.  I played baseball on our sports fields, rode my bike on city trails and fished the Rum.  Anoka is a great and beautiful city and now that we have two boys of our own, I want to provide them the same kind of experiences Amanda and I had growing up.  To me that means that I have to work hard for my community to change some things, and work even harder to keep some things the same.

​I graduated from Anoka High School, and later attended the University of Minnesota where I majored in Political Science and Urban Studies. My studies gave me perspective in how unique river towns like Anoka can remain prosperous and vibrant without falling prey to typical suburban methods of development. Oftentimes these are short term and have harmed our most unique amenities like our historic neighborhoods, downtown or parklands. I became determined to spend my time and energy helping shape the future of my hometown with a strong appreciation for its past.

Staying in Anoka

As our family grew, we began to think of moving to a larger house that had the charm and history that is so typical of Anoka.  We learned the City Housing and Redevelopment Authority had begun buying up homes in an historic neighborhood and many were being demolished.  The largest and most prominant house was offered for sale if the buyer would move and restore it to a single family home.  We jumped at the chance. After coming up with multiple proposals that were not accepted, we made one last ditch 

Giving Back to Anoka

Appraising and assessing properties is my livelihood, but my wife and I are active volunteers in the community. Whether it is Amanda as a PTO member at Lincoln or me at our Anoka church, Cub & Boys Scouts or various civic boards, serving our family and community is important to us both. Anoka is a great city, and that is why we continue to invest here and call it our home

Take part in Anoka's future and support what makes us unique.